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We invite you to sit back and relax and let us guide you on an unforgettable tour in The Land of Dracula.There is surely no better way to spend your day!


My name is Alexandra. I am so happy to be part of Team Land Of Dracula and excited to be your guide.I had been guiding people for 12 years now, in Romania and throughout Europe and I am still in love with my activity. Join me and and I will happily share my knowledge and love for Romania with you. My colleagues captured a picture of me by night. It' s a little scary but I hope it doesn't discourage you to join our night tours!:)

Manuela Tour Guide at The Land of Dracula

A responsible, positive, spontaneous person by day...

"Hi, I am Manuela and I will be your tour guide in this incredible journey in which I invite you to discover The Land of Dracula and his legends."

In bright moonlight... the story writes itself differently...

Oli Tour Guide

By day I am Oli looking something like in the pic.

It is difficult to sum up things that I would like you to know about me but what I can tell you is that my passion for traveling and the pleasure of meeting and interacting with new people became a way of living when I decided to be part of "The Land of Dracula". I love my country and I think I will do my best to be a perfect tour guide for you!

If you encounter me at night looking like in the next picture I advise you to run as fast as you can...




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