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On Dracula's Trails to Poienari

Find the truth about the real Dracula’s Castle by taking this trip with us to Poienari Fortress. After a few hours drive through the pitoresque Carpathian Mountains with amazing lanscapes and enchanting traditional mountain villagesm find yourself challenged by the 1480 steps in the forest that lead the way to this great historical site. Nothing compares to the views from up there and the feelings given by the true achievement of climbing the steps.

OPTIONAL STOPS:(along the route)

 Bran Castle official Dracula's Castle in Romania, the most famous castle in our country, had been serving for ages as a military fortress controlling the entry route to Transylvania . Day and night, the castle speaks about Dracula for sure. You will also see and feel the presence of Queen Maria, Romania's favourite queen. Find out what captivated her here and why she loved it so much!

■ Dambovicioara Canion and Cave : 
Cave Dambovicioara, is one of the an ancient stalactite caves of Romania. The cave's interior is spectacular no matter the season.
The canion leading there has an imposing appearance and is part of the river water erosion that has created the most bizarre shapes, with numerous towers, sharp edges and karst lenses.
■ Balea Glaciar Lake and Transfagarasan Road (july to october)
this road is one of the most spectacular and uniques roads in the world. Driving over the peaks of the highest mountains of Romania, immerse yourself into the landscapes, listen to the waterfalls and be part of all the peace and beauty that surrounds you! Is no wonder why Jeremy Clarkson -Top Gear - named it "the best road in the world" 
 Vidraru Damn ,completed in 1966 with the purpose of serving a hydroelectrical power plant is one of the largest hydroelectric dams in Europe, standing 167 metres tall. The Transfagarasan Highway passes over the top of the damn being a small part of this road opened even in winter. The views are spectacular and there are boat trips on the lake offered during the summer.

STARTING TIME: 09.00 am* 

MEETING SPOT : pick up from your accomodation is available at request.Please contact us for further details

DURATION : 9 hours

PRICE: 55 euro/pers*

*leaving time can be subject to change considering your pick up location/ busy times of the year.the exact leaving time will be confirmed by us at the moment of your booking.

Please note that prices do not include any entrance,photo or lunch costs.Prices expressed in euro above can be paid also at the equivalent in Lei/Ron, our national currency.

Prices can be different for less than 3 participants

Lunch stops are not mandatory and are to be discussed with your tour leader on the day (sandwich stops or traditional restaurants along the way)

*These tours can be changed according to your wish. Courtesy Pick up Service - For your convenience we offer a free morning pick up service. If we are unable to collect you from the main entrance to your accommodation we aim to collect you from within walking distance Included: We offer you safe and comfortable transportation and permanent assistance from specialized English tour guide' Not included: Entrance tickets, Photo and video fees; Other services not specified on the itinerary; Lunch will be served at a special, traditional restaurant. Costs are additional and around 10 euro/ person. Please note that the time table is subjected to change due to heavy city traffic and road works. If booking is made in less than 24 hours before travelling, please contact us to check availability. Note: Our carriage has all the things necessary to keep you safe (cloves of garlic, holy water, crosses and crucifixes ...) so there is absolutely no reason to worry.

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